Since 1937 Stanley Mutual has been providing insurance for New Brunswick. Many things have changed in 75 years but Stanley Mutual will always be owned by its members for the benefit of its members.



Our History

In the 1930’s, property insurance was simply unavailable to rural New Brunswickers. The farmers of the province decided to pool their resources and form their own insurance company. Mutual insurance companies were opened in different areas of the province. Four Mutual companies exist today, and they still respect each other’s’ geographical boundaries.

Stanley Mutual is one of those four companies. Our area includes the New Brunswick counties of: York, Gloucester, Sunbury, Charlotte and Northumberland. Although independent, we still maintain close ties and cooperate generously. We jointly formed the United General Insurance Corporation, which underwrites the auto insurance offered by each of us. Each has expanded and grown according to the wishes of its policy holders. Stanley Mutual, wanting to meet all of your needs, chose to expand our product offering to become a full-service general insurance provider.

Stanley Mutual is proud to be a member of the network of Canadian Mutuals. Together the companies form one of the largest insurers in Canada, and our unique method of risk sharing provides a cost effective way of protecting you, our policyholders. Mutuals are owned by you, our policyholders. Everything the company does is for your benefit. You decide how the company is to be represented and run. Over the years, it has proven to be an extremely successful formula for providing Canadians with secure insurance protection at reasonable costs.