Since 1937 Stanley Mutual has been providing insurance for New Brunswick. Many things have changed in 75 years but Stanley Mutual will always be owned by its members for the benefit of its members.

Make a Claim

Stanley Mutual’s goal is to keep you going when “things happen”. If something happens which you think may be covered within your insurance policy, please call your local agent to discuss. If you have a covered loss, we will be there to ensure that your claim is serviced promptly with the least inconvenience to you as possible.

Speaking to your agent is the first step in the claims process as he or she knows you, your policy and your coverage and can assist you in understanding how to proceed.

If an emergency strikes you after normal business hours, your claim is urgent, and you feel it should not wait until you can speak with your local agent, we provide a toll free claims service number. The Claims Alert toll free number is 1-888-224-5677.