Since 1937 Stanley Mutual has been providing insurance for New Brunswick. Many things have changed in 75 years but Stanley Mutual will always be owned by its members for the benefit of its members.

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Our area includes the New Brunswick counties of: York, Gloucester, Sunbury, Charlotte and Northumberland.
1475 Route 460
Tabusintac NB E9H 1B9
(T) 506-776-1151
(F) 506-776-5287
22 Route 104
Keswick, NB E6L 2A2
(T) 506-363-5624
(F) 506-363-5192
27 King St.
St Stephen, NB E3L 2X2
(T) 1-800-561-3330
(F) 506-466-5429
1155 Route 605
Maple Ridge,NB E6E 1W5
(T) 506-463-2772
(F) 506-463-8236
46 Nashwaak West Road
Taymouth, NB E6C 1Z8
(T) 506-367-3305
(F) 506-367-2480
4 Renaud St
Miramichi, NB E1V 6T1
(T) 506-836-7479
(F) 506-836-7914
338 Main Street, Unit 1
Doaktown,NB E9C 1E3
(T) 506-365-7308
(F) 506-365-7310
19 Alcorn Drive
Blackville, NB E9B 1Y1
(T) 506-843-6197
(F) 506-843-6148